In the ever-changing world of health care, technology is often the driving force. That is why at Minnich’s, we are committed to partnering with the most innovative technology companies. We work diligently with your team to assure our technology is customized to best meet the needs of your facilities and residents. We currently have over 230 interfaces.

Some notable health care partners include:

Some of our technology includes:

  • Electronic medical record interface capability. Experienced with many top EMAR products.
  • Facility Portal
  • TCGRx – An automated pouch packager, which offers customized and reliable packaging.
  • InspectRx – An automated inspection robot that evaluates every medication package prior to leaving the pharmacy. This technology gives our patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate.
  • Automated dispensing cabinets – Our automated dispensing units are fully interfaced and offer emergency and first dosages of medications. We take delay of care seriously and want your staff to feel confident they will always have what they need.
  • DocuTrack – An integrated document tracking system used by Minnich’s to assure all faxes and electronic orders are properly managed, triaged and processed.
  • Delivery Track – An integrated delivery software used to track our deliveries and properly route our delivery team to assure a speedy delivery.
  • MiPak and SureMed™ are our automated packaging systems used for independent residents to aid in their medication compliance.